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Welcome to my games page

Here you will find links to various games and game sites that are specially selected to challenge the mind! And to have some well-deserved fun :-)

You will need to allow scripting for most of the games to function correctly - so if you have security software that blocks scripting, you may wish to add this site to its 'allow' list. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you probably won't have any trouble playing the games.

Video Games Help Surgeons Perform Better

Surgeons who play video games at least 3 hours per week make 37% fewer errors and perform 27% faster when conducting laparoscopic surgery.


The Benefits of Chess

Playing chess improves more skills than you may think - including reading ability! Studies show chess makes kids smarter.


The List...

ItsYourTurn.com - a turn based site which includes many strategy board games like chess, checkers, backgammon, othello, battleship, and more!
Discovery.com - several cool sim games - skipper a boat, catch sharks, fire cannons and more.
                          Shark Runners, Deadliest Catch, Cannon Challenge, Mission: Planet Earth, Experience Everest: Razor's Edge
Create your own comics - several sites to create your own comic strip
                         MakeBeliefsComix, Witty Comics, ReadWriteThink, Stripcreator
                         Cannibals & Missionaries, Family at the Bridge,

Comic by XKCD

Daily Chess Puzzles

Move the pieces to solve the puzzle
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