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Helpful Resources

This page contains links to various resources you may find helpful during your education. These links include materials on how the brain acquires knowledge as well as topics and strategies to help you become a better learner.


Brain Waves

The Expert Mind - This Scientific American article states, "The preponderance of psychological evidence indicates that EXPERTS ARE MADE, NOT BORN."

The Memory Code - This Scientific American article discusses how our brains create and organize memories.

Cramming Doesn't Work - how to increase retention without increasing study time.

Study Helpers

Mnemosyne - a free program to help commit information to long term memory using spaced repetition.

Education Material

National Science Standards - an online book from the National Research Council. This links directly to the section for grades 9-12 science standards.

Delaware Content Standards - the state of Delaware content standards. To jump directly to science standards, click here.

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