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Welcome to Critical and Creative Thinking! Here you will find information about the class and links to relevant topics and information.

Why This Class is Important

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Einstein

The world today faces many challenges and most people believe that someone will make everything work out alright. But who is going to be that 'someone'? What kind of skills must that 'someone' possess? In order to tackle a problem, an individual must be able to approach the problem critically. They must be able to ask questions, find resources, analyze the content and quality of those resources, run experiments, make conclusions, and apply those conclusions to that and other problems/situations. However, if it were that simple, today's scientists would have solved most of the world's questions. The other important trait this 'someone' must possess is creativity. As noted by the Einstein quotation above, one must be able to approach a problem from multiple perspectives and in imaginative or innovative ways. A scientist often gets insight into a problem when they look at the problem a different way. How does this class fit in? Can critical thinking be learned or improved? Can creative thinking be learned or improved? The answer to both questions is YES! And this class will help turn you into that 'someone' who, one day, just may save the world - imagine that!


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