List of Items to Order

Below is a list of items that you should order, download or subscribe to as listed. You must do this the first week of school because we will need some of these items right away.

Items to order - you will need a physical copy of these. All the items are completely free!

  • NIGMS Books - You should order the following books. They have other interesting books too, so feel free to order whatever you want. They are all free.
    • Inside the Cell
    • The Structures of Life
    • The New Genetics
    • Computing Life
  • Findings Magazine - subscribe to "receive the single free copy of the current issue and each newly published issue."
  • HHMI Bulletin - subscribe to the print edition.

Things to subscribe to - you will subscribe to electronic versions of these items using your Charter email address.

  • PCRM News - go to this site and uncheck all the boxes except for "Breaking Medical News". (you may receive other items if you wish but all that is required is the breaking medical news)
  • Inside Life Science - sign up for email updates by clicking the appropriate link on the right side of the page.
  • Earth Policy Updates - subscribe using your email address.

Podcasts (optional) - good podcasts to subscribe to for quick, concise science news. If you subscribe to podcasts, I recommend you add these two. If not, then you should look into podcasts, they are a nice way to get quick and/or in depth information.

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