Welcome to the Neuroscience homepage - use the links below to explore the fascinating world of your brain and nervous system.

Brain - parts of the brain and what they do.
Drugs - how drugs affect the brain and become addictive
Split Brain - learn about this interesting condition where people can give some bizarre answers under the right conditions
Neuroscience Research

Helpful Resources

Harvard Interactive - use this link for interactives and exercises to learn about brain parts, axon transmission, synapses, and how drugs affect the brain.
McGraw Hill - quizzes and animations to help learn about the nervous system. Chapters 14-20 cover the nervous system and enodcrine system.
Blackwell Neurobiology Animations
Gary Fisk Animations - a nice series of fairly simple animations to learn about parts of the brain, axon transmission, neural synapse, sympathetic vs. parasympathetic, and more.
Pearson - some animations and quizzes to practice your skills.
Web Anatomy - online practice for neural anatomy.
AP Central - practice for anatomy (once you are on the page, scroll down for the nervous system)
NIH Addiction Student Activities
Brain Facts
Science of the Brain
HHMI: Making of the Mind
Neurologic Examination - detailed neurological including videos.
Neurological and Cranial Nerve Testing - a general overview of neurological and cranial nerve testing from Yale.
Cranial Nerves Table - a nice summary table of the cranial nerves.
Eye Simulator - use this very cool simulator to learn about eye muscles, innervation, and pupil responses.
Deep Tendon Reflexes - learn how to grade deep tendon reflexes and the spinal cord level involved in selected reflexes.
Spinal Cord Disorders - learn about the spinal cord and the sequelae of various injuries or disorders.
The Stanford 25 - a great site to teach you how to examine various parts of the body.
Does hearing cross hemispheres? - read this blog entry that explains how hearing is perhaps the most bilateral of all our senses.

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