Cell Energy

The Basics...

How does the cell make energy?

Glycolysis, cell respiration and electron transport are the processes where plants and animals break down glucose to create ATP, which is the energy currency of all cells. The overall equation for this process is...

C6H12O6 + 6O2

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6CO2 + 6 H2O + chemical energy (ATP)

External Links

Use these links to explore glycolysis, cell respiration and the electron transport chain in more detail.

Wikipedia Glycolysis - this Wikipedia site has a nice overview diagram of the reactions and enzymes and then covers each step in detail.
Wikipedia Krebs Cycle - use this site to see a nice diagrammatic overview of the Krebs cycle.
Glycolysis Video - a nice simple narrated video of glycolysis.
Glycolysis Step by Step - a step by step animation of glycolysis and the enzymes that catalyze each reaction.
Krebs Cycle Video - a narrated video of the Krebs Cycle.
Electron Transport Video - a narrated video of the electron transport chain and how it produces ATP.

The links below are to learn more about ATP Synthase. They are in order from simplest to most complex.

  • ATP Synthase 1 - animation
  • ATP Synthase 2 - animation
  • ATP Synthase 3 - animation
  • ATP Synthase 4 - flash movie - the most detailed of the bunch from the folks at Harvard. This one shows the actual 3D models of the proteins making up the ATPase enzyme. (they seem to have removed the link cry )

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