The Basics

How our brains store memories is not very well understood. There are still lots of questions even as to where our brains store memories. Different types of memories seem to be in different locations, which is why you can lose some types of memories but keep others. Overall, learning and remembering are some of the most fascinating topics of study in the neuroscience field. Some of the things we do know from recent research are linked to below.

The Details

Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion and Memory - this is a wonderful 4 part lecture series from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that discusses brain development, learning and memory. Highly recommended! (to play the videos, click on the picture next to the 'summary' once you are on their site)

Scientific American Frontiers: Make Up Your Mind - a very interesting 60 minute episode with Alan Alda investigating the brain using various patient examples. The original site doesn't seem to work so here are two more places you can view the video.

  • Chedd-Anger.com - this site is a higher quality version of the video than the next site but doesn't have bookmarks to specific sections. Be sure to choose the appropriate episode (episode 2)
  • Films on Demand - this site has slightly lower quality video but has bookmarks so you can jump to specific sections quickly.

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